Delinski Life Coaching by Karen

Karen Delinski

Life coaching to help build your own spirituality and find your new identity after leaving church. 



Having left my childhood religion behind, I have found that leaving it is a long arduous journey that really requires a guide. I had accepted my religion as a part of my core identity. I would say to everyone, "I am a Christian." Upon leaving the church the way I related to the world was broken in places because I am no longer a Christian. However, the joy of building my own life and mission statement was transcendent. My personal life coach lead me on a journey of discovery and I learned, "I am Karen." I would be honored to help you step into an identity that you create. We can walk alongside each other and help you find your own path. 



I am trained by iPEC the institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Proficient in Core Energy Coaching, and being certified by the ICF. My specialty is helping people through the journey of losing their faith in religion.



Client Reviews

Karen is a fantastic life coach! During my last session with her I was working out issues on my job. She thoughtfully listened to me and reflectively helped me find my own solutions. I highly recommend Karen Delinski as a life coach.
— Rhonda M. Fort Worth, TX
If you are feeling stuck or at a loss for how to approach an issue, I highly recommend working with Karen Delinski. With her skill, I was able to obtain the deep insight I needed. It made all the difference for me. As a trained life coach, she uses industry proven techniques along with her finely tuned intuition and empathy to compassionately move you forward, getting the results you want. I’m thrilled to have worked with her and know you will be too!
— Jennie Friedman, New York, US
I’ve known Karen for a couple of years. One of the things that struck me most about her was her personal vulnerability, her honesty, and her directness. I think her ability to evolve through her struggles makes her strong like that, but also very empathic. But what really got me was her warmth and sense of humor. I can always expect Karen to be candid, but her generous gentleness makes it feel just right. I trust her.
— Dave, Canada
I had the pleasure of meeting with Karen Delinski, Life Coach, via Skype. I found her open and personable with good insights into my complicated life. Her base of knowledge is impressive and she uses data/learning/intuition to be a supportive and guiding presence.
— Tracy C. Pennsylvania
With her laser-focused listening and insightful observations, Karen Delinski is the kind of coach who can get you there — wherever you want to go - faster! In addition to her great sense of humor, she’s professional and purposeful in her approach. Most importantly, Karen is compassionate, which is a key component in dealing with what happens when LIFE HAPPENS. I highly recommend Karen Delinski Coaching. It’s been a great experience working with her
— Paulette J., Illinois

More about my specialty

I have lived this experience and am hoping to coach people based not only out of my amazing iPEC training, but my life experience as well. I can offer insights that only a person who has lived it can share. We can work together in complete empathy and total understanding.


Leaving religion

I realized that my beliefs and the church I attended were abusing me. I was broken by the abuse and started screaming about it online. I had to remove the poison. It looked a lot like this. You might have had a similar experience, "You wake up one day and just realize you can't stay in your religion or church anymore. You realize you will lose family, friends, colleagues, and possibly your spouse. Your emotions are churning your heart is aching and you must decide between living a lie and keeping all of the above or walking in truth and losing all of it." I am completely authentic and honesty is one of my main values. #ChurchCrimes is my blog and I write about my experiences there. I lost all of what I wrote out for you. I am walking a path to rebuilding and can help you find your own way. Whether you want to leave religion or keep some form is up to you. The good news is that I found more joy in being authentically me than I ever did in the hands of a conservative evangelical cult. 

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