Autism in Adults.

Living with a Neuro-Diverse Mind isn't easy 

We need all the support and understanding we can get

All your life you have not really fit in. When you did find a "like mind" they too were weird. You struggled with clothing, colors, food, lighting, loud sounds, grocery stores, and any demands on your time that you did not plan for. After years of struggling, hurt, and frustration you have sought out the advice of a medical professional. Turns out, you have Autism. Your first thoughts are, "but I'm so normal!" or "Isn't that a kids thing?" worse, "Why did noone notice before now?" All in all, you have been given a diagnosis and maybe even some medication but that feeling of "now what?" still hangs in your mind. If you would like to have guidance to know how to start, I have done all of this from the inside and you have just been given a glimpse into my own experience.